Big Brother 1
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated BB1: Episode 31
Place BB1: 6th
Relationship Will (one sided on her side; ended)
Family Mother, Father, Siblings, Rest of Family

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Janelle, labeled "The Buxom Blonde," was a contestant on the reality show Big Brother: Roleplay Season 1.                                                      

Big Brother 1Edit

Janelle joined big brother: roleplay for another shot at the half million dollar prize, and for redemption. She was generally nice to all her housemates, but she managed to make quite a few enemies, due to them not trusting janelle. She managed to win quite a few competitions. She won HOH 3 times, and she racked up 2 vetoes. She was oftenly pur on the block, due to her being a massive threat.

Janelle, along with christine and helen, formed an alliance called: the power-players. This alliance dominated with janelle as the brawn, winning a lot of competions, and helen as the brains,calculating their every move, and christine with her amazing social game and manipulation. After Helen's eviction, Janelle and Christine were left by themselvs, and soon Janelle was tricked by Dr. Will, and she was double evicted right out of the house.

She later made 2 cameo's later on in the season, one was in Episode 36, when a small clip of the jury was played, reavealing Janelle's arrival to the jury house. In the finale, Janlelle asked Britany the following quiestion: "What sets you apart from Paola? Why should I vote for you?" She later voted for Brittany, and was happy when she won.


Appearances Edit

Big Brother 1Edit

    • 1x1 Episode 1
    • 1x2 Episode 2
    • 1x3 Episode 3
    • 1x4 Episode 4
    • 1x5 Episode 5
    • 1x6 Episode 6
    • 1x7 Episode 7
    • 1x8 Episode 8
    • 1x9 Episode 9
    • 1x10 Episode 10
    • 1x11 Episode 11
    • 1x12 Episode 12
    • 1x13 Episode 13
    • 1x14 Episode 14
    • 1x15 Episode 15
    • 1x16 Episode 16
    • 1x17 Episode 17
    • 1x18 Episode 18
    • 1x19 Episode 19
    • 1x20 Episode 20 
    • 1x21 Episode 21
    • 1x22 Episode 22
    • 1x23 Episode 23
    • 1x24 Episode 24
    • 1x25 Episode 25
    • 1x26 Episode 26
    • 1x27 Episode 27
    • 1x28 Episode 28
    • 1x29 Episode 29
    • 1x30 Episode 30
    • 1x31 Episode 31
    • 1x36 Episode 36 (cameo with rest of jury)
    • 1x40 Episode 40 (cameo with rest of jury)