Bigbrother-erikalandin 1158632487
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Eliminated BB1: Episode 13
Place BB1: 13th
Relationship N/A
Family Mother, Father, Syblings,

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Erika, labeled "The Karate Pilate Girl," was a contestant on the reality show Big Brother: Roleplay Season 1.                                                      

Big Brother 1 Edit

Erika came back to Big Brother Roleplay Season 1 to win her cash. She felt that she deserved to win Big Brother 7, but alas she only had one vote to win. Erika immidiateley targeted Mike Boogie when she enntered the house, but unfortunateley she did not succed in evicting him. Erika won the week 3 HOH and nominated Helen and Mike, but she did not win the veto, janelle did, and janelle pulled mike off the block (helen's idea) in an attempt to anger erika. however, erika did not see this as a setback, but to watch out for helen becuase she is craftier than she seems.

The next week, erika was unable to compete in the hoh, and was happy when brittany won. however, she did not know that brittany made a deal with the power-players, and she blindsided Erika. She made a cameo in the finale, where she rooted for brittany to win.

Appearances Edit

Big Brother 1Edit

    • 1x1 Episode 1
    • 1x2 Episode 2
    • 1x3 Episode 3
    • 1x4 Episode 4
    • 1x5 Episode 5
    • 1x6 Episode 6
    • 1x7 Episode 7
    • 1x8 Episode 8
    • 1x9 Episode 9
    • 1x10 Episode 10
    • 1x11 Episode 11
    • 1x12 Episode 12
    • 1x13 Episode 13
    • Episode 40 (cameo with rest of eliminated contestants)